Friday, 6 June 2014

Killer Queen!

This is probably my favourite perfume I have ever owned. Katy Perry's Killer Queen, it's so different to her other scents meow and purr (which are more sweet and fun but I still love) it's more adult like and as she describes it herself smells like sex (it doesn't by the way) I love the whole royal theme she has going on with her new lot of perfumes they're amazing! 

I love the shape of the bottle it reminds me of a poison bottle and that just fascinates me. In the stores it was shown off standing up with a golden stand but unfortunately they didn't sell the stand with the bottle however because of the flat sides it just lays there which is good because I was worried it was going to be all wobbly all the time!!

This perfume is affordable (£23 in Superdrug for 30ml) which I have and it's lasted forever. I got it in August last year and I'm only now running out. I swear b this perfume it's perfection.

I love how Katy really gets involved in all of her projects and knows exactly what she wants done and it works because she has a flawless product! 

The Killer Queen ad was the first of her perfumes to be televised and I love the advert it's full of sass and just pure entertainment. 

I highly suggest you even get a tester of this perfume it's so amazing, such a grown up scent compared to meow and purr.

Love justine xo

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