Face of the night

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Here is a good look at my makeup from last night. I kept it drugstore makeup and reasonably simple, so here we go! 

I started with MUA pro base primer which I am in love with might I say, it leaves my skin feeling baby soft and my makeup stays on all day when I wear it. I then went in with my boujours healthy mix serum foundation, it's still my favourite drugstore although I am intrigued as to what everyone else's is so comment below what yours is. To highlight I used the collection concealer in all the places the sun would naturally hit. To set the concealer I used the Rimmel stay matte 24 hour powder. For contouring and highlighting I use my sleek palette which I swear by, I honestly don't know how I managed to cope before I had. I can't remember what my blush is called, I think it's an MUA one but I can't be 100% so I just dusted a small amount onto the apples of my cheeks. Then to set all of that in place I used the MUA setting spray, which is one of my new favourites which I swear by.

For my brows I used a medium brown ELF palette where there's the coloured wax along with the transparent setting powder. I've been using this palette since Christmas (as you might be able to tell by how well loved it is!) and I don't think I could go back to using a pencil, I just find that using a brush I have so much more control over what I'm doing, so even if I don't repurchase this exact product it'll definately be a brow bar to say the least, if any of you can think of any ones let me know as you can probably see I'm in need of new brow products! 

My eyes were so much fun to do, I love experimenting with my eyes and although this is quite a simple look with simple colours I still enjoyed it as I just took my ELF Palette (which unfortunately doesn't have names of the shadows on) and picked random colours from the darker end and blended til it felt right. I like this palette it's not in any way shape or form a favourite, but it does the job okay, the darker colours are the only ones I actually use because the brighter ones just don't hold very well and are very chalky. 

Mascara was just a simple Avon one, I don't even know the name of it, but it does a good job so I like it.

Lips I obviously went for a bright, so hot pink it was. It's an MUA lipstick, I really really like these they are so creamy to put on and stay on for a fair while, plus they're cheap!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever there's just been so much happening! Let me know if you want me to do a life update! I'll be posting more regularly promise! 

Justine xo

Killer Queen!

Friday, 6 June 2014

This is probably my favourite perfume I have ever owned. Katy Perry's Killer Queen, it's so different to her other scents meow and purr (which are more sweet and fun but I still love) it's more adult like and as she describes it herself smells like sex (it doesn't by the way) I love the whole royal theme she has going on with her new lot of perfumes they're amazing! 

I love the shape of the bottle it reminds me of a poison bottle and that just fascinates me. In the stores it was shown off standing up with a golden stand but unfortunately they didn't sell the stand with the bottle however because of the flat sides it just lays there which is good because I was worried it was going to be all wobbly all the time!!

This perfume is affordable (£23 in Superdrug for 30ml) which I have and it's lasted forever. I got it in August last year and I'm only now running out. I swear b this perfume it's perfection.

I love how Katy really gets involved in all of her projects and knows exactly what she wants done and it works because she has a flawless product! 

The Killer Queen ad was the first of her perfumes to be televised and I love the advert it's full of sass and just pure entertainment. 

I highly suggest you even get a tester of this perfume it's so amazing, such a grown up scent compared to meow and purr.

Love justine xo

Favourite real techniques brushes

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Here is my top 4 real techniques brushes and ultimately the ones that I would use all day everyday over other brushes. I love how affordable these brushes are (especially when you buy them in the starter kits) they're made to such a high quality too, I honestly can't think of another brand I love as much as I love the real techniques brand.

First up is the buffing brush. Since purchasing the face starter set I haven't used the typical foundation brush, I honestly don't think I'll be able to, this brush was made for me. I love how you don't have to use this just as a foundation buffing brush but if you've maybe gone slightly OTT on the contouring or blush you can easily just buff it out and you'll look normal again! I have to say this is my favourite brush I own. 

Next up is the deluxe crease brush. I have seen this used for blending concealer however I prefer using my finger for concealer so for me this brush is just used once I've finished my shadow  I just blend any areas that haven't been blended too well. I don't usually put any shadow on this to start with because I find the brush is too big to get the look I want.

Here we have the contouring brush. I really enjoy this brush, its thin enough to get into the hollows of the cheeks to be sure to get an exact line. This brush is also perfect for adding small amounts of tranceslucent powder under the eyes to stop creasing. These brushes are so soft I love it. So perfect.

Lastly is the base shadow brush. This is (along with the MAC 217) is my favourite eyeshadow brush. If I want a one brush look this is the brush I'll run to. I can do so many looks with just this one brush.

Hope you enjoyed 

Justine xo

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