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Summer fashion wishlist

Summer wishlist

I thought I would show you a few of the things that have caught my eye lately, first up is fashion items, then it'll be jewellery and accessories then lastly it'll be beauty items.

Miss Selfridge lime green maxi dress


This dress stood out to me straight away when I was on the holiday shop part on Miss Selfridge. Its beautiful, it looks figure hugging in all the right places. The cut outs are amazing, and although it doesn't show on here there's a cut out on the back which I really love. The monochrome floral print is so beautiful as the lime is quite a bright colour then the plain print is just such a nice contrast and tones it down slightly.  I can just imagine wearing it along the beach with sandals or with heels and gold jewellery in the evening. This dress is definitely very versatile which I love when it comes to summer dresses when I don't feel like wearing a complete new outfit.

Summer top


This kimono is gorgeous. I love that its actually got the oriental print on it which helps remember the original culture when the kimono came from. The colour is beautiful, this matched with a black bikini during a day by the pool would be beautiful, or to wear it with a plain playsuit and heels to dress it up. I love kimonos purely because of how versatile they are, they are most defiantly a staple item to put in the suitcase for holiday.

Miss Selfridge top


I am loving these 90's inspired crop tops. The fact that its got a really high neck but a reasonably low back in comparison to the front I love because I don't really like have my chest, back and stomach out so these tops are perfect. I've seen a few places sell these lately but Miss Selfridge's seem to have the nicest summery colours. This neon orange is amazing, I could pair it with some high waisted denim shorts and wellies for a festival, or with a high waisted skort and heels. This top just has so much potential. 

Miss selfridge


Now I know this is quite Miley Cyrus-esque.. but I love it. I would defiantly have to pair it with a high waisted midi skirt (Miss Selfridge actually have a matching high waisted skirt to match which I do love also) The opaque sections at the top and middle interest me so much and I don't really know why, but I love it. I'm not one for getting a lot of my body out however I think this top would look really nice with high waisted shorts and jelly shoes, I just have a perfect image of that outfit in my head.

River Island high waisted shorts


Denim shorts are a must for every girl, everyone must own at least one pair. I'm all about high waisted ones especially with all the crop tops floating around, it just makes for such an easy outfit, I love it. I think I prefer these sort of shorts where they have more fabric around the bum area, it certainly makes me feel more confident. The acid wash look is so in every summer which I love because I don't really like having shorts in just one plain colour, I think having the acid wash adds more dimension to the overall look. I've already paired these shorts with the crop tops above, but they go with everything. They're perfect to shove on at a festival, or on holiday for sightseeing or just walking around, or even for a party or night out with heels. They are just an item every girl needs in their wardrobe.

River island

Top £16
Bottoms £12

This neon bikini screams to me. The colour itself is just summery and I love it, then the black piping around is so beautiful and adds shape to the bikini. Now I know the bottoms are slightly high waisted but they're still so beautiful. I've been looking at this bikini for so long now I may just have to invest., so perfect for lounging by the pool.

River Island block-heel shoes


I'm all for bright shoes, especially when they are as beautiful as these. I love that they aren't just a bright blue they have some pastel blue in there which I think makes them more wearable. These actually look so ridiculously comfy to walk around in because of the chunky heel and sole, there's nothing worse than having beautiful shoes that are so uncomfy that you can't actually wear them. I would definitely pair these shoes with some denim shorts and a white crop top or a jumpsuit. So beautiful.

River Island chunky high heel sandals


I need these shoes. I actually don't own any patterned shoes purely because I'm scared that I would never wear them, but these are so beautiful I could defiantly get away with wearing these. The floral print looks so retro, I love it. The colours are so summery and I've always thought orange goes well with blue and green. The size of those heels are amazing they look so chunky and comfy. They would go beautifully with a black jumpsuit and gold jewellery.

Boohoo chunky shoes


I'm very strangely attracted to these, I don't usually like sandals, I don't know whether its me not liking them because I don't like the design or because I just don't like getting my feet out on show? They look like they could give a few blisters the first few times wearing them but I could put up with that. These shoes are so versatile, I could wear them on the beach or at a party, I think its the small chunky heel that changes the look of them. They would go perfect with denim shorts and the orange crop top above.

Hope you all enjoyed a few of my favourites! Keep an eye out for the accessories and beauty favourites!

Justine xo

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  1. Such a perfect wishlist, I love everything you have mentioned! Great post:) xxx


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