Sunday, 25 May 2014

Accessories wishlist


This is my accessories wish list (all things are linked through polyvore) and as you may or not be able to tell they are mainly expensive items, I would love even one of these items but it isn't likely!

Chanel handbag


This handbag just makes me feel so happy and warm inside! The fact that its just the classic flap bag but it bright red! I would so use this on a daily basis, it would look awesome with denim jeans, boots, a baggy tee and leather jacket.

What Goes Around Comes Around leather purse


This is literally my dream bag, I think the day I buy one of these will be the day I realise I've achieve something massive. Its just so freaking beautiful! Chanel can do no wrong when it comes to handbags in my eyes. This would be my pride and joy if I ever got one. I would make it work with every outfit and probably would sleep with it by my side.. that's really sad but my guilty pleasures are bags of any sort and this one is just so beautiful.

Leather purse


I love how adorable this little satchel is, its perfect for spring/summer with it being in such a cute baby pink. I love satchels mainly because they look so old school. This would be one for small things, I doubt I could use it everyday.

CHARLES KEITH green handbag


I can't even comprehend how much I want this little bag, it is so adorable in just the size and colour. A perfect spring/summer colour, plus mint green is one of my favourite colours. Then the size is just adorable. 

Infinity jewelry


I love all things with the infinity symbol on it, I don't really know why but the symbol itself just makes me feel happy. This small gold ring adorable, I can imagine it on my little finger now.

ERICKSON BEAMON blue earrings


These earrings just scream festival season too me. The range of colours amazes me, so many bright but a few neutral colours to tone it down. The fact that its built up with small little beads amazes me, I love small intricate pieces of jewellery, they facinate me. I would love to know if these are hand crafted or not.

Michael kors bracelet


Who doesn't want a Michael Kors watch? I know I sure do. I picked this one out because of the pop of colour on the clock. Most people just get the solid gold coloured watch but this one is so unique, I've never seen anyone wear it before. I love that a simple watch can recreate your entire look, purely because of that small amount of colour.

Post earrings


These are the best looking earrings ever. Who doesn't want a pineapple in their ear? They are so summery and the fruit itself actually tastes amazing. I've gotta give it to pineapples, they're one of the best looking fruits out there (does that make me weird for labelling a fruit good looking?) 

Statement necklace


I'm all about statement necklaces with a plain shirt or dress, I think it changes a look totally. This one with the coral flowers reminds me of summer when you see all the flowers and when coral pink becomes an acceptable colour to wear again. I want it.

Daisy Jewellery stud earrings


Daisies are just a summer flower, every girl must of made a daisy chain at least once in their life right? These earrings just bring back childhood memories and they won't dry up and die, they'll stay nice and pretty in your ear, so cute.

Boohoo friendship bracelet


These are just festival bracelets. I love stacking fabric bracelets up in summer and rarely taking them off. I have a ridiculous amount of these type of bracelets as it is and these tempt me more. I'm not an overly proper bracelet sort of girl, I prefer these, mainly because they're just so easy to wear and just cute. 

Teal earrings


Like I said with the mint green bag I love this colour, they have a slight teal look about them but they're still adorable, these would look amazing with a plain outfit and just jewellery in tis colour to give it an edge.

Statement necklace


Statement necklace, need I say more? This is a summer colour, I can imagine it on a white shirt now its just beautiful.

Frette hat


I am unfortunately yet to own a fedora, I think its because I see myself as a hat person, I don't really know why but hats and me don't usually go, however I've seen these on a lot of people and I very much want to give it a go, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled and see if I can pick one up.

CHARLES & KEITH cat eye glasses


I don't know why but I've never tried cat eyed sunglasses? I seem to always reach for the traditional rayban style and stick with them because they go with my face shape. But I do really like cat eyed sunglasses at the moment, they're so chic and girly, I honestly think I may have to pick a pair up.

Miss Selfridge flower headband


Every girl needs to own a flower headband. I love them. I got a real daisy one made when I was on holiday a few years ago and it was beautiful. They look amazing at festivals when your hair is looking a bit worse for wear or when its beautifully clean and you just want something different. I'm all about flower headbands, give me one for every day of the year.

Hope you enjoyed this one.

Justine xo

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